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"Without the enticement of a below-market interest rate and 90% financing, we may not have even considered our project. The 504 Loan Program allowed us to expand our operation with minimum commitment in valuable working capital."

- Mike Rice, General Manager of Central Coast Water Treatment


What are the Benefits of the 504 Loan Program?


  1. 10% down on assets that normally require over 25%
  2. Fixed, below-market, interest rates
  3. 10 or 20 year terms, fully amortized, no balloons or call features
  4. Real Estate equity growth and tax advantages
  5. No more landlord - The Businesses location and rental expense are assured.
  6. Increased cash flow through extended repayment terms


  1. First lien position with low loan-to-value reduces collateral risk.
  2. Coastal Business Finance packages (providing all SBA forms), closes and services the SBA loan.
  3. Banks build stronger customer relationships through unique 504 Loan benefits.
  4. The bank's loan at 50% of project cost allows those with in-house lending limits to preserve funds for future lending needs.
  5. Strong and growing secondary market for 504 Loans.